Fulcrum, Logistics City, Whiteley

Fire damage repairs and refurbishment

Mildren originally built Fulcrum for Kier Property in 2019, a project providing three industrial units ranging from 8,557sq ft – 50,106sq ft, offering adaptable units. The building suffered a fire towards the end of 2022 causing considerable damage, and Mildren were called in to review what was required to return the building to its original working condition.

The original scope began as a basic refurbishment but the client agreed more extensive works were necessary due to fire and smoke damage. The building was deconstructed back to the steel frame.

We cleaned steels using a dry ice cleaning method instead of sand blasting, reducing mess. We replaced 17 roof purlins, original wall and roof cladding.

We deconstructed, rebuilt and reinsulated the jumbo stud wall between this unit and the adjacent occupied unit, replacing a temporary fire curtain in place during works and we managed redecoration throughout along with installation of new M&E.

Despite weather presenting challenges, the Mildren team successfully completed the works a month ahead of programme meaning the end user could move back in and continue their business sooner than expected.


9 months

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Fulcrum, Logistics City, Whiteley

Whiteley, UK