Mildren Construction’s board of directors are committed to ensuring continuous improvement through smarter working, improved communication and a focus on developing competencies at all levels.

The way we work is to ensure everyone involved has a say in the decision making process. Improvements through inclusion and sharing of information are helping to deliver improved performance across Health, Safety, Environment and Quality.

The successful management of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality at Mildren Construction is underlined by our accredited management systems which are ‘triple badged’ to ISO 45001 for Health and Safety, ISO 14001 for Environmental management and ISO 9001 for Quality Management.

All of our management and operative staff are empowered with the knowledge, experience and confidence to make informed safety decisions, ensuring works only proceed when a safe system of work is in place and achievable.

With our dedicated internal HSEQ team focused on continuing professional development we ensure industry best practice and new ideas are put into effect, working closely with the site teams to improve and develop our safety culture at all levels. It is the aim of all staff within the company to ensure we undertake work in a safe environment and that everyone gets to go home safely at the end of every day.​



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HSEQ Department

Our team of dedicated internal HSEQ professionals hold NEBOSH Diplomas and Construction certificate qualifications and maintain focus on continued professional development to ensure industry best practice and innovative ideas are put into effect. They work closely with the site teams to improve working practices, update procedures and develop the safety culture at all levels.​

57 MAT 4425

James Evans - HSEQ Manager

NEBOSH Level 3 Construction

42 MAT 4407

Leigh Parkes - HSEQ Advisor

NEBOSH General Certificate

Our methods of work are not static, we seek continued improvement by challenging existing ways of working, developing new ideas to explore the potential advancement in the way we work. As a company it is important we continue to learn and continually take steps for improvement.​

James Evans, HSEQ Manager​


The Mildren Construction environmental management system is externally audited and is compliant with the ISO 14001 standard. We maintain an environmental performance the company is proud of. For our projects, we develop a site specific environmental management plan, ensuring project specific requirements are identified and successfully managed. The HSEQ and site teams work closely with clients, subcontractors, operatives and suppliers to deliver this high level of environmental performance across all of our construction activities and waste management. ​

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Mildren recognise the social and commercial benefits associated with progressive environmental sustainability management. We use circular economy principles i.e. reuse rather than buying new, whenever we can. We do this not only because this is better for the environment but also because it is beneficial commercially. In this way, we encourage sustainable construction. This ethos helps us to promote and encourage a similar outlook across our supply chain. We use BREEAM and Site Sustainability to support our efforts but once the ethos is embedded, its consequences can be found throughout the company.

Net Zero and Carbon Management

We understand the importance of making a full and lasting commitment to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from our activities, in support of the wider commitment of the world to limit global temperature increases and the impact on the planet.

As a signatory member of the Future Net Zero (FNZ) CBN Expert SME Community we commit to the following:

1. For our company to achieve Net Zero in line with the Science Based targets set out by the UNFCCC i.e., to achieve Net Zero no later than 2050 and target a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030.
2. To set realistic short and long term targets that are designed to achieve our Net Zero commitments.
3. To report the total Greenhouse Gas emissions of our business regularly and for our performance to be part of the Community’s annual reporting back to the UNFCCC.

Future Net Zero
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This is best measured by our levels of repeat business. We are on numerous frameworks and have been so for over 15 years. Over 75% of our turnover is repeat business and we often find that new clients come to us having received glowing recommendations.​

Considerate Contractors Scheme (CCS)


Mildren is committed to being a Considerate Constructor, taking due regard for our neighbours, employees, stakeholders and interested parties who may come into contact with our projects.

What is the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS)?

The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) is an initiative that aims to improve the image of the construction industry.

The CCS commits those projects registered to enhance their appearance, respect the community, protect the environment, secure everyone’s safety and care for the workforce. More details can be found on their web site