45/45 – Top Considerate Constructors Score at Uckfield Retail Park

June 5th, 2023 Posted in News
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A MASSIVE well done to the Mildren Team who have secured a truly Excellent 45 OUT OF 45 on a recent CCS inspection.

We are building a new M&S AND Home Bargains store which is progressing well.

How did we do it? Because:

  • We are delivering local community and charity initiatives
  • We are carrying out career promotion exercises including presentations to local schools and student site visits
  • Our community action plan is engaging and supporting local charities, local businesses and creating positive experiences for the local community
  • We evidence excellent carbon footprint statistics and site carbon reduction initiatives
  • We have embraced climate change training and encouraging carbon reduction in the supply chain
  • We have undertaken a number of health risk and lifestyle initiatives which include mental health awareness and ensuring an inclusive work environment
  • Healthy eating / fresh fruit days are promoted
  • Our workforce regularly donate to a local foodbank

Superb job, team.

Timelapse of this project can be seen here: Bride Hall Developments – Uckfield (reachtimelapse.co.uk)


Uckfield Home Bargains CGI for website Elevation plan

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