E Bike Cafe, Weymouth

A new E Bike Cafe bringing a philosophy of ‘Health & Wellbeing’ to the local area

We recently completed this full renovation and refurbishment for the E Bike Cafe team which houses a modern electric bike shop and a delicious cafe for thirsty riders and shoppers alike. The focus for our client was to create a space to share the importance of exercise and healthy eating all under one roof.

We are delighted with the EBIKE CAFE @ Deheers as it will add an exciting new chapter to the rich heritage of entrepreneurs this historic building has engaged with since its beginnings in the 19th century!

Micky Jones, DJ Property

We feel privileged to bring our business to Weymouth within the prestigious setting of the Deheers building. Our venture occupies over 140 square metres of space on the ground floor. A generous space to showcase our business and to welcome our customers, old and new. It is a centrally located, picturesque setting, easily accessed by cycle networks – it couldn’t be better!.

Peter Claxton, E Bike Cafe Owner
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E Bike Cafe, Weymouth

Deheers, Custom House Quay, Weymouth, UK