University of Southampton Highfield Campus

Highfield campus district heating resilience project

The first was for the heating main replacement and extension of the existing pipework around the Highfield Campus. The extension of the pipework created a ring pipe network that will, combined with control valves which were installed as a separate project, have significantly improved the resilience of the University heating mains. 

The second element of works is roadworks to alter kerblines, remove parking and replace paved surfaces. Whilst the third element of work required the demolition and re construction of a bike shed/store area. 

Working within a live campus environment, within close proximity to buildings and existing services required careful planning and regular review with our client. Daily operations of the University and main pedestrian thoroughfares through the campus had to be maintained throughout. When working adjacent to pedestrians a number of safety measures were employed, including the use of dust netting on heras fencing as well as noise suppression techniques when plant was i n use. 

Overall, this project has been completed in a safe and efficient man ner. Our client has commented on how pleased they are with how the works were undertaken and that they would be happy to work with Mildren Construction again in the future. 

Value of development


Development time

7 months

Concise planning

Live working environment

Contract type

NEC 3 Option B


University of Southampton Highfield Campus

University Road, Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK