Ocean Infinity

Marine robotics company UK Headquarters and training centre

Built to house the new UK headquarters of Ocean Infinity, a world leading marine robotics company, the premises will be used as a control centre to manage their fleet of autonomous vessels, controlled and operated by experienced mariners via satellite communications from state of the art onshore facilities in Southampton. The centre will also be used in the up-skilling of people to be able to work in the field of low carbon marine logistics.

Protecting the marine environment: Due to the coastal location of this new building, there was a high level of marine conservation protection in place to ensure there is no detrimental effect from our works.

Educational setting experience: This is a brand-new facility and not a live site, however there are a number of stakeholders from Ocean Infinity who require a high-level of communication on progress and require access to conduct site visits with future trainees.

Completed within budget: The M&E costs were presented via an open book approach with JB Hopkins, and all the costs checked by Gleeds Cost Consultancy in Southampton. As the quoted costs were sizable, we explored whether savings could be made available without compromising performance. Using our experience and expertise, we were able to value engineer hundreds of thousands of pounds in savings from the final M&E Costs. As a result, the client chose to proceed with the revised Hopkins’ costs.

This amazingly high-spec / high tech project was completed for handover at the end of July 2021.​

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Ocean Infinity

Ocean Infinity, Keel Road, Woolston, Southampton, UK