Focus School, Hindhead Campus

Provision of a new teaching block and associated works

As The Highcombe Edge Trust is a ‘not-for-profit’ Registered Charity, it was of utmost importance at all stages of the project, to be efficient in design detailing, cost effective in construction and value engineered throughout but without sacrificing quality of construction.

Our design responsibilities included:

  • Appointment of the CDM Coordinator and liaising throughout the design and construction
  • Undertaking the detailed design works, coordination and interface detailing
  • Submitting all Design Works to obtain all Building Regulation Approvals including the requirements of BB93 Acoustic Design of Schools
  • On completion submitting the ‘as-built’ Construction File for the School Records
  • Discharge of all planning conditions.

The new Teaching Block was of traditional mass concrete pads and strip foundations with an insulated power floated ground bearing slab. A two-story, steel framed building comprising of steel profiled composite wall and roof cladding, thermally broken double glazed aluminium windows and doors, all fully safety glazed with the first-floor construction of metal decking and reinforced concrete topping.

Internally, the perimeter walls and columns were of fair faced concrete block to receive a spray paint finish. All steel work was intumescent painted, a 600 x 600mm lay-in panel suspended ceiling to ground and first floor teaching areas overlaid with mineral fibre sound deadening quilt. Energy efficient and controlled lighting was provided to all areas providing 300-500 lux at desk level. The power to the hall area was distributed via perimeter dado trunking and to the teaching areas with runs of floor trunking with suitable double sockets every 3m.

The Technology Block saw the transformation, refurbishment and re-modelling of an existing part of the main school building where the new met the old, to include a new cut timber roof structure and the introduction of a first floor area to improve the educational offering and learning space.

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Focus School, Hindhead Campus

OneSchool Global Hindhead Campus, Beacon Hill, Hindhead, UK