Sholing Junior School

Drainage improvement works

Sholing Junior School experienced severe flooding caused by torrential rainfall during an unseasonal summer storm.

Following a competitive tender process Mildren Construction were contracted to modify, extend and install a system of below ground surface water drainage so that all existing surface water connections originating from the school and its curtilages must drain quickly, quietly and completely at all times without nuisance, or risk to health. Whilst the system must be robust in service and easily accessible for the purposes of inspection, cleaning and the removal of blockages.

The new drainage system installations were undertaken whilst the school remained fully operational. As a precaution, a basic ‘Disclosure Scotland’ was applied for as part of the contract.

Value of development


Development time

4 weeks

Project type

Emergency flood alleviation

school remain fully operations

Live working environment


Sholing Junior School

Sholing Junior School, Middle Road, Southampton, UK