Hook Salt Barn

Clad Steel Portal Framed Structure

Mildren Construction undertook the Design and Construction of this replacement barn comprising a clad steel portal-framed structure and concrete retaining walls. The new barn was erected on the footprint of an existing structure on new foundations.

Preparation works involved the modification of existing electrical circuits and the relocation of a foul water pumping system, which has had to be undertaken before the demolition of the concrete walls and foundations of the existing Hampshire County Council road salt storage barn.

Once constructed, Mildren were responsible for the design and installation of internal and external lighting to the new barn. As well as the design and installation of a (saline) surface water drainage connection to the existing pumped foul water drainage system.

Safety barriers were installed along the internal walls of the new building to protect against damage being caused by the large plant and machinery operating within the structure.

Value of development


Development time

20 weeks

Project type


Floor space

5,700 sq/ft


Hook Salt Barn

Hook, Basingstoke