Fulcrum 6 Logistics City, Whiteley

Brand new warehouse and industrial units in partnerships with Kier for Logistics City Whiteley.

Mildren have just completed the delivery of brand new warehouse and industrial units in partnerships with Kier for Logistics City Whiteley.
This development provides ten new industrial units ranging from 8,557 – 50,106 sqft, offering adaptable units to suit all business needs.
The scheme is situated within the newest business district of Solent Business Park and set within the mature wooded environment of Fulcrum.
Key features of the project:
• Design and build of three new units
• B1(c), B2 and B8 employment use
• Installation of Electric loading bays
• Installation of Electric vehicle charging points

Key Challenges

There were extensive ground remediation works on this project due to very wet conditions thus stabilisation across the site was required before construction. To future proof the site from existing water issues we installed a petrol interceptor which leads to a large attenuation tank, then a hydro break chamber with an associated water surge control in order to ensure any excess water is taken away from the local ground.

A Collaborative Design Team

Mildren worked closely with Kier, Ian C King (Architect) and Brad Brookes (PM) on the design elements of this project. We also bought Nationwide Steel and Ashford Cladding on board to share their expertise and deliver cost and time savings which were ultimately passed on to the client.​


Value of development


Development time

44 weeks

Mildren set their standards at the highest level and exceed the clients expectations on delivery and budget at each stage of the project. The quality of the work and materials used is always of the highest standard.

Nick Brooks, Kier Property
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Fulcrum 6 Logistics City, Whiteley

Fulcrum 2, Whiteley, Fareham, UK