Azimghur Barracks Hangar

Refurbishment of Hangar 31 roof at Azimghur Barracks, Chippenham.

The works comprised the removal of all existing roof coverings, adhesive and residue substrate from the top surface of the main steel plated barrel roof and included:

• Removal of all bolts and eyelets projecting from the roof – part of an existing man safe system.
• Removal the broken aeronautical light and associated cables and handrail from gable edge. Reinstated new Aeronautical light and lighting cable/connection and tested once installed.
• Careful removal of the existing steel box gutters together with all rainwater pipes and fixings from the hangar and annexes.
• The existing steel roof surface was cleaned and prepared by blast cleaning before remedial works take place.
• Repaired the steel roof plates where required
• The existing steel roof surface was painted with a protective coating
• Installed a new 1.5mm galvanised sheet fixed to the exiting steel sheets which acts as a liner to receive the standing seam insulated warm roof system.
• Installed a new warm roof consisting of a new aluminium standing seam insulated roof to the top surface of the existing roof sheets supported by upstanding brackets which sit on the folded plate purlins/ new installed galvanised steel sheet over a taped and sealed vapour control layer which forms part of the roof build-up.
• All externally exposed outrigger steelwork and fixings over the annexe were thoroughly cleaned and prepared by blasting prior to being painted with a protective coating and the abutment sealed to the annex roofs. Existing annex waterproof roof material was made good, and left in a watertight state.
• Installed a new intermediate support system to the new aluminium gutters/ fall pipes
• Installed new aluminium gutters and rainwater pipes in same location as existing and connected to existing outlets at ground level.
• Designed and installed new lightning protection system integrated into the new roof system.
• Carried out a full Asbestos R&D survey of the external and internal steel/ roof area prior to commencement of work on site.


Azimghur Barracks Hangar

Azimghur Barracks, Redwood Way, North Colerne, Colerne, Chippenham, UK