Aldi, Millbrook, Southampton

Former Footprint of B&M

The new Aldi in Millbrook is situated within the existing retail park located to the north-west of Southampton. It sits alongside the A33 and A35, with vehicle access from Auckland Road and consists of two units and shared car parking.

Our construction site was located within an existing retail park on the footprint of a B&M store. B&M relocated to the adjacent property so all Mildren works were carried out on a constrained site with B&M continuing to operate throughout the construction phase.

The scheme entailed demolition of the existing B&M unit. Whilst there were changes to the car park to facilitate the new development, the principals of the layout, main site entrance and service access was retained. Much of the existing landscaping and trees within the site and to the periphery were retained with the reconfiguration of the building allowing for additional landscaping to the south.

The gross internal area of the new food store is approximately 1,824m2 with a sales area of 1,315m2.

The site has 244 parking spaces in total including 8 parent and child, and 10 disabled parking spaces across the site. 8 cycle hoops are provided at the front of the store and 2 by the trolley bay for short stay parking. An additional covered provision of 5 hoops under a new shelter will provide long stay cycle parking for 10 bikes.

Secure by Design elements included:

  • Security rated external door sets
  • Anti-bandit glazing
  • Provision of anti-ram bollards
  • CCTV to store entrance
  • Open and visible car park with parking management system
  • Appropriate landscape planting.


The development seeks to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions compared to minimum Building Regulations standards. This has been done through the incorporation of the principles of the Energy Hierarchy and the combination of passive measures, including building fabric design improvements and the utilisation of zero and low carbon technologies.

The low and zero carbon technologies delivered at this site are photovoltaic panels to the roof and external refrigeration plant with waste heat recovery.
The equipment recovers waste heat generated by the refrigeration process and re-uses it to heat the retail area. This meets close to 40% of the buildings annual energy demand.

Where possible, construction materials were procured locally and preference given to procuring materials from manufacturers and suppliers who were accredited with an EMS including BS EN ISO 14001 or a similar standard.

The new store will bring 40 new jobs to the area.

The CCS assessment resulted in an Excellent rating for our site team.


22 weeks

Store size


CCS Score

Excellent 41/45

The Safety Culture is promoted through systematic induction, good signage and active management with a Recognition and Reward System in place
that encourages continuous improvement.

Michael Shires, Considerate Constructors Scheme

Aldi, Millbrook, Southampton

Millbrook, Southampton, UK