Town Quay, Poole

Quay wall and flood defence upgrade works

The works were to stabilise/reconstruct and raise the flood height of the eastern end of Town Quay, Poole. The total length of wall affected is approximately 380m of varying construction. In conjunction with these construction works, a short length of pontoon was constructed within the Fisherman’s Marina basin for the the harbour’s commercial fishermen. The Environment Agency (EA) had a requirement to undertake flood defence improvement works at the eastern end of Town Quay by raising the height of the existing defences. In parallel PHC identified that this length of quay wall was in need of repair. A full wall reconstruction to the eastern end of Town Quay addressing the requirements of both parties and other local stakeholders was required.

Positive outcomes from project

With works taking place during the summer months and during the Poole Boat Show we were delighted to record zero complaints or any negative feedback from the public during such a busy period. This project was delivered on time and within budget with no environmental incidents.

Expertise developed from this scheme

  • Capping beam and concrete repairs
  • Fender removal, repair and replacement
  • Sheet pile refurbishment
  • Working on water platform​

Value of development


Development time

8.5 weeks


Poole Harbour Commissioners

Poole 2

Town Quay, Poole

The Quay Old Town Poole, Thames Street, Poole, UK