Urban improvements scheme

Poundbury is the urban extension to Dorchester in Dorset pioneered by the Prince of Wales and which has become an internationally famous example of urban developments. 

Comprising of a total 60 hectares the development which commenced in 1995 is being constructed in phases of which phase 3 is nearing completion. Mildren has been involved with the whole of the highway and drainage infrastructure since its commencement working for the Duchy of Cornwall and the two prime developers on the estate, Morrish Builders and C. G. Fry & Son Ltd. These relationships are a long standing example of successful collaborative working conducted under traditional terms and conditions. Individual sections of work have varied in size and content with contractual conditions including formal NEC terms. 

Poundbury is not just about architecture and focus on buildings. It is about creating a high-density urban quarter which achieves an attractive, modern and pleasing place in which people can live, work, shop and play. Emphasis is placed on the quality of design and materials, landscaping and attention to detail – even down to the street furniture and signage. Highway layouts are constrained to provide deliberate inconvenience for cars thus maximising public areas for pedestrian use. Mildren have been instrumental in the construction of award winning street scenes of natural stone paved road, courtyards and squares.

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Development time

12 years

Phased Development

various works

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Poundbury, Dorchester, UK