Gen 4-2 Bramley Lane / Sherfield Road Junction Improvements

Junction Improvements

Mildren have completed junction improvements at a site located within Bramley village at the junction of Bramley Lane with Sherfield Road. Working very close to a railway level crossing, we also needed to liaise and plan throughout working with the site’s neighbours – a local car garage and village bakery with a local primary school approximately 300m away.

The works comprised widening of the existing junction bell mouth to provide a dedicated left turn lane for vehicles exiting Bramley Lane on to Sherfield Road, involving new kerbing and carriageway construction. We also carried out adjacent footway reconstruction to suit new alignment and construction of 40m length of no-dig footpath.

The Mildren team also installed a new pedestrian refuge island with tactile crossings, removed existing and replaced carriageway resurfacing. We laid revised road markings and road studs with localised traffic sign replacement.

The presence of the nearby railway level crossing required phased working whilst liaising with Network Rail to facilitate BAPA requirements.

Project Duration

16 weeks


No-dig to minimise disruption

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Gen 4-2 Bramley Lane / Sherfield Road Junction Improvements

Dollis Green, Sherfield Road, Bramley, Tadley RG26 5AG, UK