Newgate Lane, South

New link road

Mildren Construction were awarded this £5.1m contract under the GEN3-2 Highways Framework by Hampshire County Council.

The works comprised the construction of a new 1.5km long section of single carriageway road through an area of predominantly undeveloped land comprising of arable farmland, playing fields and a recreation ground.

The new section is 7.3m wide routing from a new connection on the Peel Common roundabout at one end and connecting to the existing alignment of Newgate Lane at the other.

To facilitate the new road the scheme included extensive site clearance and earthworks.

A new junction and short section of link road was also constructed to link the new alignment to the old alignment of Newgate Lane.

Value of development


Development time

32 weeks

Highways Framework


Works included

Linking new & existing roads

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Newgate Lane, South

Newgate Lane, Fareham, UK