Holt and Gaunts Common

New sewage treatment pumping facility

The project comprises a first time sewage and drainage scheme to service the two villages of Holt and Gaunts Common, located near Wimborne in Dorset. 

Included in the contract was the construction of two sewage works, eight pumping stations and the associated 1440m of rising main and 4920m of gravity pipework. 

Environmental constraints, high water tables and difficult ground conditions were among the site constraints which were successfully overcome by working closely with the client and planning/coordinating operations in line with the company’s ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. 

Whilst a drainage type scheme, as opposed to a highways scheme, this project was conducted on the public highway and within numerous private residential and business premises. The company undertook all statutory highway notices and liaised with the Highway Authority and other statutory undertakers for a programme of sequenced road closures. The communication framework for the project was a major undertaking to ensure that stakeholders received accurate and updated information regarding programme and progress. 

A pro-active, personable approach was taken by our full time public relations officer who offered advice and reassurance to stakeholders on all matters relating to the construction process. 

The works were, in many instances, disruptive to people and naturally some complaints were received. In these instances complaints were logged and reviewed to identify any process faults and to introduce corrective measures. Collectively the project was a significant public relations success with Mildren receiving a commendation for high standards from Wessex Water’s performance management principal. 

Value of development


Development time

32 weeks

Project type


Pumping Stations


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Holt and Gaunts Common

Gaunt's Common, Wimborne, UK