Gosport Household Waste Recycling Centre

Complete refurbishment and significant expansion of Gosport Household Waste Recycling Centre

Mildren Construction were selected by Hampshire County Council to undertake the complete refurbishment and significant expansion of Gosport Household Waste Recycling Centre.

The main aim of the project was simply to increase the overall capacity of this public facility, through the widening of the main unloading area and by creating entirely new entrance and exit routes to improve traffic flow to and from the facility.

This project involved a significant level of earthworks as part of the expansion phase, the excavated material was then deposited into environmental buns around the outside of the site. This process significantly reduced the amount of material which had to be removed from site, which in turn benefited the environment and significantly reduced the overall financial cost of the project.

Due to the amount of re-enforced concrete required, Mildren Construction were able to call on the services of a specialist subcontractor who we have used on several projects of this nature. Finally the tarmac resurfacing works were undertaken by our own teams.

This was a challenging project for Mildren as the Recycling Facility had to remain fully operational whilst the works were being completed.  Working within a live environment, required the provision of Safe Zones in which the public were still able to dispose of their house hold waste as usual. Testimony to the successful implementation of our Health and Safety, Waste and Construction Management plan, created by our team in conjunction with the facilities operator and Hampshire County Council before any works started on site.

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Concise planning

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Gosport Household Waste Recycling Centre

Gosport PO13 8AS, UK