Prince Of Wales Road Car Park

Controlled car park access for employee’s and visitors

Situated on an area of industrial land on one of the main arterial routes through the town of Dorchester in West Dorset, the existing storage facility on the site had fallen into a state of disrepair and had been condemned for demolition.

Our client purchased the site, with the view to consolidating their two current business sites into one single purpose built facility, with enough space to accommodate a large and growing workforce, close enough to local rail and bus transport facilities to further improve their accessibility to current and potential future employees.

Following a single stage Tender process, Mildren Construction were awarded this project under a JCT Design & Build Contract to deliver the following key requirements:

  • Construction of a new 20,000sq/ft factory unit, with office on ground and mezzanine floor within the internal floor area of the unit
  • Controlled car park access for employee’s and visitors
  • Separate access points for deliveries and shipments so as not to impede car park access
  • Car Parking for 120 spaces with lighting and

The site itself is bordered on two sides by other industrial units, a busy main road to the front and a steep railway embankment belonging to Network Rail to the rear. In order to level the site, the embankment required cutting into, with an in-situ concrete retaining wall being constructed in its place.

Value of development


Development time

28 weeks

Henry Ling Limited, Prince Of Wales Road

Prince Of Wales Road Car Park

Prince of Wales Road, Dorchester, UK