Bournemouth International Airport Car Park

Formation of two car parking areas

This project included works to the XLR Apron and the formation of two car parking areas. A large 160 space carpark to a grassed area used as a viewing gallery, to be known as the ‘staff carpark’, and a smaller 51 space car park to a brownfield site where buildings had previously been demolished to be known as the ‘public carpark’.

Works included the provision of new tarmac roads, parking bays, in gravel/tarmac and replacement fencing. Provision has been made to allow for new lighting and CCTV systems. Work to the vehicle control barriers and the associated service alterations were carried out by third-party contractors.

Value of development


Development time

6 weeks


Bournemouth International Airport Car Park

Bournemouth International Airport, Car Park 1, Christchurch, UK