Anaerobic Digester Plant

Anaerobic Digester Plant

Mildren Construction recently undertook the Design & Construction of a new £5million Anaerobic Digester Plant for Barfoot Energy at their Herriard Park Farm near Basingstoke. The unit has been constructed to generate electricity from the animal and plant waste produced by the farm. This electricity is then fed back to power the farm buildings, with excess energy being sold to the grid.

The project involved construction of the following key elements:

  • Large Steel Frame Waste Handling unit
  • Bio-Digester Tanks
  • Silage Clamps & Lagoons
  • Site Offices
  • Supporting infrastructure including Roads and Drainage

This farm site required a significant amount of ground works to be undertaken to ensure the land was suitable for the new buildings to be put in place, specifically, the Digester Tanks, were originally intended to be constructed on a piled solution however, following the results of a site investigation report, due to the soft ground, this design was deemed to be unsuitable.

The solution put forwards by the Mildren Construction design team, was to use a process of soil stabilisation. This process involved combining the existing soil with a cementitious mixture and then re-laying this in-situ and rolling to leave a flat compacted base. Over time the mix would harden to create the concrete base required, on to which the Digester Tanks could then be built. The amended design resulted in a significant cost saving.

Value of development


Development time

22 weeks

Project size

8,000 sq/ft

Works included

Ground stabilisation works

DJI 0020

Anaerobic Digester Plant

Herriard Park, A339, Herriard, Basingstoke, UK