A340 Thorneycroft Roundabout, Basingstoke

Signalisation & Improvements to an Existing Roundabout

Part of the GEN3 Frameworks 2, the A340 Thorneycroft Roundabout Improvements project included the widening of the carriageways on the existing approach roads and the existing roundabout. Mildren Construction installed new traffic signals around the quadrants along with the introduction of a controlled pedestrian/cycle crossing. All of the road signs and road markings were replaced and street lighting was upgraded as part of the works.

Guided Auger Boring Pipe Installation
As part of the improvements at the Thorneycroft Roundabout, Mildren undertook the multipipe installation with 240 metres, in diameters DN225, DN300 and DN450, being furnished and fitted.

The guided auger boring project required temporary off-peak traffic management, Monday to Friday between 09:30 to 16:00 to reduce traffic flow to single file to facilitate these works with capacity being increased to two lanes in each direction at peak times with no road closures.

The ground was found to be structured chalk with light brown marling, slightly gravelly slightly sandy silt. Gravels were subrounded to subangular fine to coarse of low-density chalk and flint above the water table with the s.p.t exceeding N=45. For this reason, we deployed 2nr machines, which reduced all unexpected changes in ground conditions.

Thornycroft Due SE 50m

A340 Thorneycroft Roundabout, Basingstoke

Thorneycroft Industrial Estate, Worting Road, Basingstoke, UK