A335 Leigh Road

Junction Improvements

A typical Mildren infrastructure project combining construction, planning and relationship skills to carry out works in difficult circumstances with minimum disruption. The aim of this project was to increase the capacity of the A335 Leigh Road junction with Passfield Avenue for vehicular traffic by increasing the capacity of left turning lanes in Leigh Road on the approaches to the junction and the creation of a dedicated left turning vehicle movement in Passfield Avenue.

It also involved the improvement of accessibility to the junction for both pedestrians and cyclists. This was achieved through the creation of a linked footway / cycleway corridor and the construction of a toucan crossing across Leigh Road and Woodside Avenue.

The existing signals were upgraded to optimise traffic, cycle and pedestrian flow through the junction. The existing junction carriageway surface was also replaced as part of the contract.

Value of development


Development time

21 weeks

Significant traffic management

For both pedestrians and cyclists

Project type


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A335 Leigh Road

Southampton Road, Eastleigh SO50 9XN, UK