A22 Uckfield Bypass Roundabout

New Roundabout on the A22

Mildren Construction was appointed as Principal Contractor by Welbeck Strategic Land LLP to construct a new roundabout directly onto the A22 Uckfield Bypass, between the Little Horsted and Copwood roundabouts, a section of single carriageway to a second, on-site roundabout, and a new vehicle lay-by on the A22 Uckfield Bypass (north bound) which provides parking for cars and HGVs, with a pedestrial footway.

The works included clearance of the site footprint of the development, the installation of a drainage network for the works which included an attenuation facility, hard verges for maintenance and connections ot existing accesses, the diversion and installation of public and privately owned serices infrastructure and landscaping to suit the development, pedestrian and cycleway facilities, as well as the provision of all traffic signing, road markings, lighting and road restraint systems.

Mildren also made the following environmental provisions on the scheme:

  • Promoted a culture of environmental responsibility and environmental improvement through effective leadership, communication and training.
  • Complied with relevant environmental legislation, client and other requirements applicable to our work.
  • Assessed the environmental impact of our operations during planning, design and construction phases so as to prevent pollution, destruction or disturbance of the external environment.
  • Conducted regular reviews to monitor performance, set objectives and targets, investigate all incidents and strive for continuous improvement.
  • Incorporated the principles of environmental sustainability into our design and construction practices and encourage clients to adopt similar principles.
  • Encouraged the use of environmentally sustainable materials and environment allow impact technologies.
  • Upheld the 3Rs waste principle, Reduce, Recycle and Reuse, in all relevant business activities.
  • Optimised our use and consumption of natural resources, including fuels, water and raw materials.
  • Promoted these environmental principles to our supply chain and encourage environmental product lifecycle philosophy.

The scheme was included on our Community website which provided fortnightly updates to the progress of the construction, road diversions/closures, as well as information on alternative routes for walkers.

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A22 Uckfield Bypass Roundabout

Copwood Roundabout, Uckfield, UK