Hambledon Flood Defences

Major Flood Alleviation Pipeline

value of development

64 Weeks
development time


Full Road

This large diameter flood relief pipeline runs through the centre of this village with houses, shops and a Primary School adjacent to the works. The main road through the village was shut and diversions were put in place, temporary accesses and parking areas had to be provided and the safety of pedestrians was a constant high priority factor.

Works involved the installation of a 0.9m and 1.2m diameter pipe totalling 1.5km in length. Highway gullies and smaller yard gullies at intervals connect into the main drainage pipe. Substantial utility works were required which comprised diversions of existing services, new pipes / cables and repairs of lateral connections as required. There were significant constraints in terms of existing road width and the location of existing cellars of the neighbouring properties coming to the edge of the Highway.

Our Site Manager and our Communication Officer developed a communication strategy that recognised the importance of keeping all the stakeholders informed of the progress of the project and both the immediate and longer term effects of our work.