Resurfacing, hard landscaping, footway, cycleways and street lighting

value of development

18 weeks
development time


highway project

The Works comprise resurfacing of all carriageways, enhanced hard landscaping of all footway/cycleway areas and replacement street lighting works.

These works were located on the Basing View enterprise park which was constructed in the 1970s/80s and has an existing single carriageway formed in a ‘loop’ providing access to all of the adjacent office buildings via simple T junctions or footway crossing type entrances. The existing asphalt carriageway is lit and has footways on both sides of the road..

The scheme was undertaken to improve the quality and appearance of the carriageway and hard landscaped areas adjacent to Basing View including two pedestrian links joining the ‘loop’ formed by Basing View..

In addition the works provided additional ducting capacity under the footway areas for future communications upgrading as well as street lighting to Hampshire County Council’s PFI requirements.