Trafalgar Gate, Portsmouth Naval Base

The design and build of the main gate entrance to Portsmouth Naval Base

Trafalgar Gate is the main point of access for the HM Naval Base Portsmouth. The gate is open 24/7, allowing up to 10,000 vehicles a day of visitors, workers and deliveries to enter and exit the base.

The Works Packages (WP) included:

• HGV search area – The new search area gave the MGS personnel the capability to search HGVs and mobile cranes with appropriate lighting, signage and refuge space to allow for a safe working environment to conduct such security searches.

• MGS security platforms – These works delivered safe access and egress into the security huts whilst providing additional protection to the MGS when checking passes

• Road layout realignment – This involved altering the existing kerb layouts and signage to suit the desired traffic flow and intent as such times, the construction of additional rejection carriageway and the addition of additional barriers

• Fence line protection – a suitable security fence line was required to comply with the Vehicle Dynamic Assessment report.

• Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM).

Programme restrictions

Due to the nature and location of the works, all works had to be undertaken between Friday 12:00 PM and Monday 05:00 AM, except where the work could be undertaken without a reduction in operational performance to Trafalgar Gate and as agreed with BAE. Trafalgar Gate had to be fully operational at the end of each work period. At all times during this project and its working periods, two lanes at Trafalgar Gate had to remain operational, with one entry lane and one exit lane. These lanes were suitable for all vehicles including HGV access.

Maintaining security throughout construction

Trafalgar Gate had to be kept secure at all times. All works undertaken ensured that the security of the gate was not compromised and where required, temporary security measures were implemented which were agreed with BAE and the MoD before implementation.

Project Value



8 weeks


Weekend working only

Trafalgar Gate Re Opens

Trafalgar Gate, Portsmouth Naval Base

HMNB Portsmouth Trafalgar Gate Pass Office, Princess Anne Way, Portsmouth PO1 4QT, UK