AP6 at Adanac Park installs Fuel-IT

February 13th, 2024 Posted in News
Natalie Vissell does fuel it

Mildren has hired a new system to help monitor the dispensing of fuel and its use. Data is uploaded onto a simple cloud system providing reporting analytics.

Natalie, one of our groundworkers, is pictured here taking data at Adanac Park, Southampton.

Benefits are:

  • extra security and measured distribution of fuel on site – the system records which plant is being fuelled allowing assessment on individual pieces of plant
  • trackers on machines to highlight which are using the most fuel
  • low level alerts to help identify when the tank is starting to get low, meaning there’s no excuse to ever run out of fuel on site
  • assistance measuring elements of carbon footprint.

We’re now rolling the system out on our other sites.